League of Conservation Voters relases first endorsements

The New Jersey League of Conservation Voters today released its first round of endorsements, throwing support to 22 candidates in 13 Districts.

Among those endorsed were two Republicans, 19 Democrats and an Independent.

The endorsements are decided based on a questionnaire and are given to candidates “highly committed to conserving the environment” who have “demonstrated ability to deliver on that commitment in office.”

The endorsements are as follows:

LD 6: Assembly – Pamela Lampitt (D)

LD 7: Senate – Diane Allen (R)

LD 7: Assembly – Herb Conaway (D)

LD 14: Senate – Linda Greenstein (D)

LD 14: Assembly – Dan Benson (D)

LD 15: Assembly – Bonnie Watson Coleman (D)

LD 15: Assembly – Reed Gusciora (D)

LD 16: Senate – Christopher “Kip” Bateman (R)

LD 16: Assembly – Marie Corfield (D)

LD 17: Senate – Bob Smith (D)

LD 18: Senate – Peter Barnes (D)

LD 19: Senate – Joseph Vitale (D)

LD 19: Assembly – Craig Coughlin (D)

LD 25: Assembly – Rebecca Feldman (I)

LD 27: Assembly – John McKeon (D)

LD 27: Assembly – Mila Jasey (D)

LD 35: Senate – Nellie Pou (D)

LD 37: Senate – Loretta Weinberg (D)

LD 37: Assembly – Valerie Huttle (D)

LD 38: Senate – Bob Gordon (D)

LD 38: Assembly – Timothy Eustace (D)

LD 38: Assembly – Joseph Lagana (D)

League of Conservation Voters relases first endorsements