Lhota Defends de Blasio After Caller Labels His Kids ‘Sickening’

Joe Lhota.
Joe Lhota speaking to reporters earlier this week.

That didn’t go as planned.

Republican mayoral candidate Joe Lhota was forced to come to his rival’s defense this evening after a caller on his tele-town hall called Democrat Bill de Blasio’s family “sickening.”

Mr. Lhota was on the line with “Sheila” from Bayside, Queens when she began to criticize Democrat Bill de Blasio’s multiracial children, Dante and Chiara, who have been featured prominently on the campaign trail and are often credited for helping him win his primary.

“You know what’s sickening? Seeing his son and his daughter,” the woman said after asking Mr. Lhota about his stance on taxes. “We’re going to have two hippies in the mayor’s office. It’s sickening. I’ll be truthful. I hate to say that about children, but they’re not children anymore.”

Mr. Lhota thanked the woman for calling, but quickly offered a rebuttal after she’d hung up.

“I actually want to applaud the family of Bill de Blasio. What a great family he has and the great children that he has. And I think we should all celebrate his marriage,” he said.

In a high-profile similar controversy, Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently accused Mr. de Blasio’s campaign of being “racist” for placing so much emphasis on the candidate’s family. Lhota Defends de Blasio After Caller Labels His Kids ‘Sickening’