Lonegan to file lawsuit to gain Booker expense records

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Steve Lonegan says he plans to file a lawsuit against the city of Newark to obtain records he says were denied under the Open Public Records Act.

Lonegan has been seeking records on Newark Mayor Cory Booker’s expenses and says they were denied by the city without explanation.

“What is Cory Booker hiding? Cory Booker pontificates about fairness and transparency, but the people of New Jersey want action, not vapid, hollow rhetoric. New Jerseyans have had enough of liberal politicians who think they are better than everyone else,” Lonegan said in a release last month after the records were denied. “If Cory Booker really believes in fairness and transparency, he will take the time to make sure that his city complies with the New Jersey Open Public Records Act as soon as possible, and not a day after the special election.”

Lonegan will hold a press conference with his attorney tomorrow to announce the suit.

A spokesman for the city could not immediately be reached for comment on Lonegan’s request.

Lonegan to file lawsuit to gain Booker expense records