Men Twice as Likely as Women to Snoop Through Partners’ Phones Haha Who Would Do That

Pssh what kind of crazy person does that not us tell you that much haha hey let's talk about something else now

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A battle rages among heterosexual couples, with men and women fighting to prove which gender is the crazy one. Well, we can pack it in now, because a British study has proven that men are the biggest psychos, at least when it comes to perusing their partners’ phones.

Dudes are almost twice as likely as ladies are to comb back texts, photos, DMs and the like, according to the Telegraph. Three fifths of men in the UK admit to having done it, compared to one third of women. Yes, the study applies only to Brits, but the only difference between British and American boyfriends is the Brits will likely apologize for snooping then shuffle off with a tip of the bowler hat.

Men appear to be considerably more lily-livered than women are, too, as only 37 percent said they’d confront a partner if they found evidence of cheating, while 59 percent of women said the same.

Weirdly, only 89 percent said they were snooping to see if their partner was cheating. What other reason is there to go through someone’s phone? To see if they’re hoarding the good meatloaf recipe? Also, a terrifying 52 percent knew their partners’ passwords, the Telegraph reports, so thank god for the upcoming iPhone 5S’s fingerprint unlock function.

Adam Cable, director of, which conducted the study, said in his no-doubt adorable British accent, “Whatever the motivation may be for this behaviour, I now can’t help but wonder just how many take their phones to the toilet with them to avoid being snooped on. Let’s just hope they wash their hands after!” Indeed.

Last but not least, 31 percent of respondents said they’d dump their boyfriend or girlfriend if they found out he or she was snooping, the Telegraph reports, so if our math is correct there should be a butt-load of freshly single Britons thanks to the Telegraph‘s reporting. We’ll take a one-way ticket to Heathrow, please. Men Twice as Likely as Women to Snoop Through Partners’ Phones Haha Who Would Do That