Blogger Considers Suing The New York Post for Insinuating She’s a Racist

The print edition of the Post story.
The print edition of the Post story.

Lifestyle blogger Aly Walansky is considering suing The New York Post after the tabloid printed her tweet in an article about the racist backlash to the newly crowned Miss America.

“The sad thing is, Miss Kansas didn’t make it because America isn’t ready to crown someone who represents AMERICA. #MissAmerica,” Ms. Walansky wrote while live-tweeting the pageant on Sunday night.  

According to Ms. Walansky, she wrote the tweet 20 minutes before Nina Davuluri was crowned, and it attested only to the blogger’s support of Miss Kansas (“she’s not JUST pretty – but she’s also strong, and self-sufficient, and a non-conformist,” Ms. Walansky explained in an email to The Observer).

After the Post included the tweet in a story by Post writer Bob Fredericks that was posted online yesterday morning, Ms. Walansky started getting threatening emails and messages on Twitter calling her racist.

“I started getting HUNDREDS of hateful, threatening tweets calling me vicious names,” Ms. Walansky said. “I tweeted at the Post and emailed Bob, begging him to remove my very out-of-context tweet from their article—I am literally fearful for my safety at this point.”

The Post eventually did take her name and tweet out of the online story. But this morning, Ms. Walansky found that the paper had run the original version of the story in the print edition. (The New York Post declined to comment.)

“I’ve contacted a lawyer to see my options, and I’m really considering suing, but right now, I more want this horrible situation to just go away,” Ms. Walansky said. “This is my reputation these people are ruining!”

[UPDATE]: The Post has issued a correction to the story on the website (ironically, adding Ms. Walansky’s name and tweet back into the story). 

Correction: On Sunday, Blogger Aly Walansky posted the tweet “The sad thing is, Miss Kansas didn’t make it because America isn’t ready to crown someone who represents AMERICA. #MissAmerica,” after third-place Miss Kansas, Theresa Vail, was eliminated, leaving only Miss New York Nina Davuluri (an Indian-American) and Miss Florida Myrrhanda Jones in contention for the title. She did not tweet it after Davuluri was crowned.

Blogger Considers Suing <em>The New York Post</em> for Insinuating She’s a Racist