Morning Read: ‘Cuddly and Huggable, or Whatever’

Today's amNewYork. (Photo: Newseum)
Today’s amNewYork.

Headline of the Day: “Bill de Blasio Names Favorite Wu-Tang Member.”

Runner-Up: “Anthony Weiner’s West Indian Day Parade Fun: Jamming To A Homophobic Dancehall Song.”

This is a paragraph from a story on wealthy New Yorkers protesting Bill de Blasio‘s tax plan: “E.E. ‘Buzzy’ Geduld, who runs the hedge fund Cougar Capital LLC in the city and is a trustee of Manhattan’s Dalton School, where annual tuition tops $40,000, said de Blasio’s plan ‘is the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard” and “not a smart thing to do.'”

amNewYork endorsed Bill Thompson and Joe Lhota in their respective primaries for mayor. The paper called particular attention to Mr. de Blasio’s “sham” tax proposal, which has allowed him to make “huge progress in the polls with his disingenuous Tale of Two Cities pitch” and become “the latest national avatar of the populist left.”

As usual, New York magazine had the most creative mayoral debate coverage last night, awarding John Liu the “best canned line” for “Under Bill de Blasio, we might not have a tale of two cities, but a city of two tales.” Mr. Liu also earned “Least Convincing Explanation for Why You Are Being Investigated for Fund-raising Violations.”

The debate at the top of the ticket overshadowed NY1’s for the Upper East Side’s Council seat. “You’re sending out anonymous mailers using taxpayer funds while trying to claim you’re a good-government advocate,” Assemblyman Micah Kellner charged at rival Ben Kallos, referencing a Politicker story while declaring Mr. Kallos “a fraud.” Mr. Kallos replied simply: “I take ownership of it. I’m proud to have sent [it.]”

John Catsimatidis was profiled by Metro New York: “Catsimatidis turned to a young male staffer and, gesturing to the female reporter and a female photographer, asked, ‘You don’t mind squeezing between two girls? … Catsimatidis turned to the female reporter and asked with a grin, ‘Can you handle him?'”

And Mr. Lhota took issue with Mr. Catsimatidis describing him as a non-“people person.” “John thinks I’m not cuddly and huggable, or whatever–he’s very, very wrong,” Mr. Lhota said yesterday. He jokingly added, “Everybody I’ve ever been with says I’m cuddly and huggable.”

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