Morning Read: ‘Oops, There He Did’

Part of today's New York Post cover.

Part of today’s New York Post cover.

Headline of the Day: “2013 Primary Analysis: The Almost Breathtaking Scope Of The DeBlasio Landslide.”

Runner-Up: “De Blasio, Lhota: A Tale of Two ’80s.”

The Boston Globe profiled Bill de Blasio‘s high school years: “One teacher recalled that students hummed ‘Hail to the Chief’ when de Blasio walked into class. He was nicknamed ‘Senator Provolone,’ in a nod to the generous Italian sandwiches he would bring to lunch … In the high school yearbook, he was labeled ‘future president of the U.S.A. — the Untied Sneakers Association.'”

While The New York Times profiled Joe Lhota‘s college life: “Mr. Lhota eschewed protests in favor of nights in the gallery of the United States Senate, where he sat rapt as Mr. Goldwater, his boyhood hero, orated on the floor. He took a shine to supply-side economics, long before the term ‘Reaganomics’ was coined, and developed a revulsion at Marxism, a hostility Mr. Lhota expressed last week ”

The Times also looked into the two candidates’ respective ties to David Dinkins and Rudy Giuliani. “Whatever his supporters say, Mr. Lhota says, ‘I have never once mentioned my opponent and the former mayor in the same paragraph.’ (Oops, there he did, but not by name.) ‘He worked for a former mayor; I worked for a former mayor,'” they wrote.

The New York Post‘s Fred Dicker is reporting that Mr. de Blasio could derail Gov. Andrew Cuomo‘s presidential ambitions. “If Bill de Blasio is mayor in January, he will be a national sensation with the Democratic left and he’ll have the power to speak out and destroy Cuomo’s presidential aspirations if the governor blocks his agenda,’’ a source claimed.

And here’s video, via Shimon Gifter, from Mr. de Blasio’s visit to the Rockaways yesterday:
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