Morning Read: ‘Remember Those Kittens When You Go to the Polls’

Toda's amNewYorl predicts the mayoral race will get negative.

Today’s amNewYork predicts the mayoral race will get negative.

Headline of the Day: “Did Anthony Weiner Actually Hear The Racist Comment That Supposedly Set Him Off?”

And they’re off: With just four days before the primary, the candidates are ramping up their get-out-the-vote operations. “We have an incredibly sophisticated field operation and a really aggressive get-out-the-vote operation,” explained Council Speaker Christine Quinn. “Everything old-fashioned and 21st-century, from Facebook to Twittering.”

The latest issue of City & State took a critical look at both Public Advocate Bill de Blasio and former Comptroller Bill Thompson. For Mr. Thompson, the publication looked into whether he actually did a good job in the comptroller’s office. For Mr. de Blasio, they asked if his administration would be bad for the business community.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is staying out of the mayor’s race, but his father Mario Cuomo, while not making an endorsement, showered praise on Mr. Thompson. “Thompson is extraordinarily bright, he’s extraordinarily educated in the field, and had the job of counting the money,” the ex-governor said. “He has the best background. And he speaks clearly and responsibly.”

While Sal Albanese earned a rare newspaper endorsement: “And while you might think we’re crazy, there is a method to our madness …. [T]here is another way to look at this. If you’re not crazy about any of the candidates—and admit it, you’re not — hold on. Say the polls are fairly accurate and Sal will finish far behind. Your vote for Sal still holds value.”

Both The New York Times and WNYC profiled Jobs for New York, the real estate-backed PAC which has spent $7 million trying to affect various City Council races. The PAC often supports challengers to candidates backed by the Working Families Party, but not always. “Instead of trying to beat us, they’re trying to purchase influence,” argued the WFP’s Bill Lipton.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg, “fearing the Democratic public advocate would dismantle his 12-year legacy if elected mayor,” will endorse Republican Joe Lhota over Mr. de Blasio if the two emerge victorious from their respective primaries, according to sources speaking to the New York Post.

But Mr. Lhota will still have to deal with kitten backlash, as today’s Daily News reader mail clearly shows:

Cats? Say it ain’t so, Joe Lhota

Manhattan: I was 100% sure about voting for Joe Lhota, but there is no way any animal lover could do that after reading about those poor kittens (“What’d we do to you, Joe?” Aug. 31). Please remember those kittens when you go to the polls. We don’t want a mayor who has so little regard for animals. Patricia Weaver

Ozone Park: To Joe Lhota: You are a heartless, inhumane person. How could you want to run over two adorable kittens instead of stopping the trains? You never had my vote — since you wanted to raise fares — and you surely won’t be getting it now. Amy Marino

Morning Read: ‘Remember Those Kittens When You Go to the Polls’