Morning Read: ‘This is NOT GOODBYE but SEE YOU LATER’

Bill de Blasio at his victory party last week. (Photo: Getty)

Bill de Blasio at his victory party last week. (Photo: Getty)

Headline of the Day: “Bill Thompson Lost the Early-and-Chipper Vote.”

Now that he’s all-but-secured the Democratic nomination, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio‘s campaign says their core message will not shift going into the general election. “We will stick to the inequality message—it’s what Bill believes, and it’s what got us here,” a de Blasio strategist told New York magazine. “And we’ll keep drawing the contrast with Bloomberg.”

Former Comptroller Bill Thompson continued to campaign this weekend, even as the future of his mayoral bid remains in question. “There are still a lot of people who are telling me to hang in there, who are telling me that every ballot should be counted, that every voice should be heard,” Mr. Thompson said. “Most of my supporters remain very firm.”

Although Gov. Andrew Cuomo went out of his way to heap praise on Mr. de Blasio during the primary contest, New York Post columnist Fred Dicker‘s sources say the two pols “are on a collision course certain to explode next year.’’ “Things aren’t all love and kisses between the two of them. There’s a lot of history there,’’ said one source.

With the exception of Comptroller John Liu’s base in the Asian-American community, the primary upended a lot of traditional identify politics. New York Times scribe Sam Roberts notes Mr. Thompson “carried Italian and Irish Catholic districts in Staten Island and Breezy Point, Queens, which, in the past, have not routinely embraced black candidates.”

Did Council Speaker Christine Quinn lose because of sexism? New York writer Lisa Miller is convinced she was branded “squarely in society’s most reviled demographic category: middle-aged women without children — the jealous queens and kidnappers of Disney movies.” Isaac Chotiner, an editor at The New Republic, rejected this argument, however.

The Metropolitan New York Council on Jewish Poverty scandal, where insurance money was improperly siphoned off, “has the potential for significant political ramifications,” according to the Times. According to one allegation, the money was also given “to politicians who supply the government grants to the nonprofit organization.”

This is John Catsimatidis‘s going-away message to supporters:

I wanted to write to my Friends, Supporters and Hosts of my
Friend Raisers to personally Thank You

I will also be reaching out to have a Dinner Party for my Hosts

I will Never Forget The People That helped me and The New Friends I Made

I Have withdrawn from running on Liberal Line at The Request
of Governor Pataki and other GOP Leaders

First The Facts

We Lost GOP primary approximately 29000 votes to 23000
6000 votes difference , which means 3000 vote swing would make it 26000 each or 50 -50

There are 16000 Possible Votes Uncounted Absentee ETC
will see where that Goes

The Campaign spent close to 9 Million Dollars

Currently Our Favorable vs Unfavorable rating 65 % vs 15 %

I Felt I was Not Fighting Lhota ..He Never Spoke in one Television
or Radio Commercial … It was Only Rudy ..I Felt it was

I won Staten Island, Brooklyn was Even & Bronx lost by few hundred votes

Manhattan I Found Strange that we only received 3000 votes out
of 11,300 cast … Very Strange

There were so many Dirty Tricks ..were tens of Thousands of ROBO Calls were made to New Yorkers saying it was our Campaign annoying Voters against us

Many Election workers were threatened with their jobs if they
did not support certain things but its an active case I cannot talk about

For The Record I do NOT Blame Rudy or Joe for this

I Found Out I Was The ANTI -Establishment Candidate opposed
by the Major Papers, attacking me for Visualizing a Better New York .. and I was Supported by the Working People of The Outer
Boroughs who I Grew to Love and Relate To

Well … Good lessons Learned for Next Time

I Will Stay Active in Politics Demanding Honesty and Integrity
in Government as Well as Demanding Truth in Media without Them Skewing That FACTS they have to Learn That they have a
Responsibility to TELL THE TRUTH to there Readers

I Spent my OWN Money

I was NOT owned by any Special Interest Groups, Corporations
or Unions

I only wanted what was Best for New York taxpayers and the workers for The City

My Interest was to Maintain and Reach New Heights in the Quality of Life to ALL New Yorkers in The Five Boroughs

I will miss The Opportunity to Create a New Worlds Fair


Lets FIGHT for a Better New York City Republican Party …
It should be a Party of ALL the People not a Party of just The few

Lets ALL Fight for a Better New York

John Catsimatidis

Morning Read: ‘This is NOT GOODBYE but SEE YOU LATER’