Passed in Assembly: Home invasion, beach racing, more

TRENTON – The Assembly acted Monday on bills involving home invasion, beach horse racing and firearms information reporting.

A crime-fighting bill brought up for vote on emergency measure today in the Assembly passed 74-0.

A4329, which did not go through committee, would create the crime of home invasion, ensure offenders do not qualify for early release from prison, and upgrade burglaries to a second-degree offense.

Sponsor Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick said today this bipartisan bill was in reaction to a Millburn home invasion captured on video. 

“Most of these crimes are not seen on You Tube or television.  If you are in someone’s home committing a burglary, up until today, that was a third-degree’’ crime with a presumption of non-incarceration if there is no violence. “Today that ends,” Bramnick said.

Bramnick was referring to a brutal beating of a mother that was caught on “nanny cam’’ video.

In addition, the offenders will have to serve 85 percent of their prison time.

The bill gained two Democratic co-sponsors today: John McKeon and Mila Jasey.

A3797: Requires law enforcement to report firearms information to interjurisdictional electronic databases including the National Integrated Ballistics Identification Network. It passed 69-7 on concurrence.

A4149: The bill, CV’d today, would authorize the New Jersey Racing Commission to grant a special permit to hold a horse race on the beach. 

Under the bill,  races would occur between the mean high water line and either the vegetation line or a man-made feature generally parallel to the ocean.

It passed today 75-0 on concurrence.  Races would be permitted but wagering provisions were removed from the bill.

AR176: Calls for immediate release of all Baha’i prisoners held in Iran and for fair treatment of Baha’i in that country. It passed 76-0.

Passed in Assembly: Home invasion, beach racing, more