Patrick: Measure of respect for Christie personally, not for record as governor

PRINCETON – Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick has a level of personal respect for New Jersey’s Republican governor, but when it comes to who he’d rather see serve in office he prefers “a doer,” he says.

The Democrat told reporters Tuesday his day-long stumping event for Newark Mayor Cory Booker involves a joint appearance with Sen. Barbara Buono, the lawmaker hoping to oust Gov. Chris Christie.

“Well, we have just that one joint appearance today, and if I can help by being with her I am proud to do so,” Patrick said following a 45-minute discussion with Princeton University college Democrats on why Booker should be the state’s next U.S. senator.

“I think she’s got just a marvelous record and like an awful lot of folks in New Jersey and around the country, I really like Chris Christie, but I’ve also seen the record and I think that New Jersey can use a doer in that office,” he said.

In his discussion with students, Patrick said he supports Booker in part because of the mayor’s focus on the people he serves, saying, “We need leaders, it seems to me, who are not just thinking about the next election, … but the next generation.”

When asked after the discussion whether the comment could in any way relate to Christie’s speculated run-up to the 2016 race for the White House, Patrick responded by saying the elected officials he most respects are the ones who serve the people they are elected to serve.

“I’ve had one elective office I’ve run for two times. I still think of myself as a relative amature, but I’ll tell you, I think the candidates I respect the most are the ones who have their head in the job they’re doing and the people they’re serving today, and are thinking about the next generation instead of the next election,” he said.


Patrick: Measure of respect for Christie personally, not for record as governor