Poll: 45% have favorable view of ACA

TRENTON  – Forty-five percent of New Jersey residents have a favorable opinion of the Affordable Care Act, while 40 percent have an unfavorable view and 16 percent express no opinion.

That is the result of a poll issued Monday by the Monmouth University Polling Institute and the New Jersey Health Care Quality Institute.

In the first “Health Matters Poll,” results showed that 49 percent of the state thinks the quality of their own health care will not be affected by implementation of the ACA, although 30 percent think it will get worse and just 13 percent think it will get better.

According to the poll, Garden State views are either in line or slightly more positive than national attitudes about the law in general. But when it comes to actual knowledge of the individual mandate, residents are less informed than the rest of the country, the poll showed.

More than 4-in-10 New Jerseyans (42 percent) predict their own costs will get worse under the ACA, compared to 37 percent who say their costs will stay about the same, and just 14 percent who say they will improve.

The survey results were released at a time when the ACA is at the heart of its opponents’ attempts to defund it, including a possible government shutdown.

  Poll: 45% have favorable view of ACA