Quinn Goes Negative Against de Blasio in New Ad

Christine Quinn's new ad.
Christine Quinn’s new ad.

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, fighting for her political life, has released the first blatantly negative ad in the Democratic mayor’s race, going after front-runner Bill de Blasio.

The ad urges voters to “take a closer look” at the candidate, who has soared in the polls by selling himself as a staunch progressive who will provide the clearest break from the Bloomberg years.

The 30-second spot references one of Ms. Quinn’s recent talking points: Mr. de Blasio’s acceptance of tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from landlords on his Worst Landlord List. It also suggests that Mr. de Blasio supports stop-and-frisk, despite the fact that he has been one of the harshest critics of the way the tactic has been used.

“Bill de Blasio: not who he says he is,” a rushed narrator says before quickly touting Ms. Quinn for her “record, vision and progressive values.”

Ms. Quinn’s campaign said the ad was intended to draw a contrast between Ms. Quinn and Mr. de Blasio, who it charges is “not the progressive he claims to be.”

“Voters have a clear choice heading into Tuesday. They can vote for a politician who speaks out of both sides of his mouth, or they can support an effective progressive who actually delivers real results for New Yorkers,” Mr. Quinn’s spokesman said.

Update (3:51 p.m.): In a statement directing New Yorkers to view Mr. de Blasio’s full stop-and-frisk comments quoted in the Quinn ad, de Blasio campaign manager Bill Hyers fired back at what he called a “blatantly deceptive hatchet job.”

“This is a grossly misleading and desperate attack from a candidate in a panicked free-fall,” Mr. Hyers said. “No one has fought harder for tenants or been more outspoken on the need to reform stop-and-frisk than Bill de Blasio.”

Update (11:27 p.m.): Mr. de Blasio today blasted Ms. Quinn’s ad as “misleading, false and desperate.”

“It’s absolutely misleading. It’s unfair to the public,” he said, accusing Ms. Quinn of selectively editing his remarks on stop-and-frisk. He noted that Ms. Quinn is the only Democratic candidate who wants to rehire Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and also voted against a City Council bill aimed at expanding the definition of racial profiling and allowing those who feel wronged to sue in state court.

“I find it really inappropriate for her to try to mislead the public so clearly and blatantly, and it’s obvious that she’s desperate and that’s why she’d doing it,” he said.

See the full ad here. Quinn Goes Negative Against de Blasio in New Ad