Saturday Night Live Starts Out Strong With GIRLS Parody (Video)


This weekend launched the new season of Saturday Night Live, with six new featured players, a weird extended music video from Arcade Fire, and a lot of Jesse Pinkman. (Aaron Paul totally saved the cold open, let’s be honest.) But the best part of the entire show, hosted by Tina Fey, was the first sketch after the monologue: a parody of HBO’s GIRLS that crystalized the essence of “First World Problems” that makes up the majority of the show’s plot lines by introducing a new “girl,” the Albanian Blerta.


Lena Dunham took the ribbing in stride, taking to Twitter to say “Very excited about the current lineup of SNL ladies. They are funny like whoa,” and “The SNL parody of Girls was a true honor.”

Maybe she’ll return the favor by having Shoshanna make reference to “a man in the subway told me to shut up.” <em>Saturday Night Live</em> Starts Out Strong With <em>GIRLS</em> Parody (Video)