Senate concurs with CV’d bills: firearms reporting, horse racing

TRENTON – Senate lawmakers all but nearly unanimously signed off on a reworked firearms proposal that was recently conditionally vetoed by Gov. Chris Christie.

The full Senate voted to approve changes the governor made to A3797, which would require law enforcement agencies to report information on seized firearms with databases such as the National Crime Information Center.

Christie struck a portion that would have mandated public reporting by the state police on firearms trace data received from the bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

The bill cleared the upper chamber 34-1, with Sen. Michael Doherty (R-23) opposing the proposal.

Doherty was also the only lawmaker to oppose S1219, which will increase the amount of money paid to those wrongfully imprisoned.

The bill would have hiked the damages from twice a person’s income in the year before imprisonment or $20,000 (whichever is greater), to twice the income or $50,000. However, Christie struck from the bill a provision that a person could still be compensated even if they falsely confessed to a crime it turned out they did not commit.

Also during the Senate’s Thursday voting session, lawmakers signed off on A4149, which would permit horse racing on the beach, however, Christie struck provisions that would have allowed betting.

The bill cleared following a 37-0 vote.

The Senate also approved the following bills following unanimous votes:

S2580, which designates Route 53 as the “Alex DeCroce Memorial Highway.”

A4188, requires that information reported by employers to the Department of Human Services about new hires be shared with the Department of Labor in order to combat improper collection of unemployment benefits after they have returned to work.


Senate concurs with CV’d bills: firearms reporting, horse racing