Sorry, Euro-Dorks: Continent to Stay Google Glass-Free for a Few Years

Privacy, je t'aime.

Pfft, American. (Photo: Google)
Pfft, American. (Photo: Google)

Maybe you are a privacy fanatic. Maybe you think face computers are unforgivably dorky. Maybe you just really like crepes. Either way, you’ll be glad to know that Google Glass will not be available in Europe for years, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Europeans “have traditionally been more concerned about privacy and hesitant to adopt new, potentially disruptive personal technologies than Americans,” WSJ says. True, we Yanks are suckers for anything new, especially if it has a sleek and shiny ad campaign.

This means Google has to kiss some major European derrière if they want their high-tech goggles to catch on. And kiss but they did at a recent semi-off-the-record conference where they promised European tastemakers that Glass is totally not a threat to privacy like, at all. From WSJ:

“Glass, we were told, isn’t about sneakily checking Facebook while listening to your friend’s latest boy trouble — in fact, browsing through past posts on any social network is very difficult. The Google reps stressed that Glass isn’t intended for, say, taking pictures of strangers walking down the street and sending those images through face-recognition software.”

Right, just like how Vine wasn’t intended to be an amateur porn hub but immediately became such upon its launch and–oh wait, same thing happened with Glass before Tits and Glass cleaned up its act.

Whether any Europeans fall for the “it’s-not-for-creeping-we-swear” rhetoric, the continent will stay Glass-less for a few years, though, so they should expect flocks of doomsday-prepping privacy advocates at their door any day now.

(h/t Marketing Land) Sorry, Euro-Dorks: Continent to Stay Google Glass-Free for a Few Years