Stressed Toddler Can’t Handle iOS 7 Because ‘Everyfing’ Is Different

"No, I don't want ittttttt"

There, there. (Screengrab: YouTube)
There, there. (Screengrab: YouTube)

If you’ve checked up on social media at all in the past week, chances are you’ve been exposed to mondo belly-aching due to humanity’s mass upgrade to iOS 7.

“iOS 7 SUCKS,” that guy you knew in high school bellows via Facebook. “WTF,” some girl you worked with once tweets, “iOS 7 is bull shit.”

You may be tempted to give such whiners just a little slap and remind them that maybe they should try creating an iPhone operating system and see how far they get, and by the way, if you own an iPhone, chances are you don’t have much to complain about.

But here’s one person whose whining about iOS 7 is somewhat cute, and maybe even justified–and that’s only because he is four years old, Time Newsfeed reports, and therefore doesn’t know any better. In the video, the Kansas tyke is wailing when his dad asks, “What’s different?”

“Everyfing,” the boy sniffs.

“You’re just gonna have to get used to it,” Dad replies.

“No,” the boy sobs, “I don’t want itttttt.”

The video only lasts 16 seconds, which, coincidentally, is just the maximum amount of time we can handle a crying four-year-old.


Stressed Toddler Can’t Handle iOS 7 Because ‘Everyfing’ Is Different