The ‘World’s First Anti-Trolling Software’ Promises to Make Twitter Boring For All Of Us

No fun.

He might need this. (Photo: Hulu)
He might need this. (Photo: Hulu)

If the day in, day out onslaught of trolling has become too much for celebrities, there’s finally a solution that isn’t therapy at Passages Malibu. A British tech firm has created an app that’s billed as the “world’s first anti-trolling software” since apparently no one else has bothered to create something this special.

SMC4 Lite, which just rolls off the tip of your tongue, goes through all your ingoing (and outgoing) messages on Twitter and blocks anything that veers into profanity, sexism, racism or anything else deemed inappropriate. A free version includes a handful of blocks a day, meaning it will delete some “abusive” tweets. And hey, Alec Baldwin, there’s a paid version that deletes every rude tweet.

Michael Veenswyk, the app’s creator, said the growth of social media can be haunting to the famous since their online presences are purely used to be trolled by bored fans and writers.

The Telegraph writes:

“The proliferation of social media has enabled people to get closer than ever to public figures, but the flipside is that it has also opened up an unwanted avenue of antisocial abusive communication towards celebrities,” said a worried Veenswyk.

“It’s unfortunately an epidemic that has found its way into day-to-day social communication and needs to be stamped out as no person should be subject to vile and abusive social media attacks.”

Now all we need is a Vh1 show recounting these celebrity’s harrowing social media experiences. The ‘World’s First Anti-Trolling Software’ Promises to Make Twitter Boring For All Of Us