This Company Wants to Replace Half-Baked Passwords With the Rhythm of Your Heart

Guess we won't be needing these crumpled Post-It notes any more.

Spiffy nails, too.
Spiffy nails, too. (Nymi)

Have you reached such a fever pitch of password-related frustration that if you have to reset your iCloud account on more time, you might hurl your laptop out the window? (This reporter sure has!) Well, here’s a promising development, courtesy of the Verge. A company called Bionym has produced a wristband, called the Nymi, which turns your heart’s electrical activity into a kind of universal key that can replace your half-baked workstation login.

Ultimately, the goal is for it to unlock your front door, pay for your coffee, and replace all your impossibly difficult passwords, as well.

According to the Verge:

“When you put it on, you tap it with your opposite hand to create a full circuit and give the Nymi the measurement it needs. From then on, it’s constantly authenticating — that you’re the person wearing the device, that you’re wearing the right device, and that you’re connecting it to the right smartphone or tablet. The Nymi’s always making sure you are who you say you are, and is telling everything around you whether you’re right or not.”

So theoretically, it could be how you get into your your smartphone, your car, your top-secret lab, whatever.

Paranoiacs needn’t worry about villains harvesting their hearts for access to their work computers, either: “It also offers ‘liveness detection,’ which means your captors can’t just rip your heart out and hack your computer with it. ‘The unique thing about the ECG,’ Martin says, ‘is that it’s being produced inside your body.'” So it’ll take hackers at least, oh, six months to crack that.

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