Three Democratic councilmen from Teaneck back Christie

Governor Chris Christie today received more endorsements from Democratic elected officials, this time three members of the Teaneck Town Council.

Councilman Yitz Stern, Councilman Elie Katz, and Councilman Mark Schwartz all announced their support for the Republican incumbent governor, bringing the total number of elected Democrats supporting the Governor’s re-election to 48.  

“Governor Christie has shown tremendous leadership since taking office and a sincere willingness to talk openly and candidly about issues of great importance to members of the state’s Jewish community. One of the strongest signs of that commitment and understanding was our Governor’s visit to Israel two years ago, where he displayed his strong support for the State of Israel and strengthened cultural and economic ties,” said Teaneck Councilman Yitz Stern. “Today I am truly honored to stand here with my fellow councilmembers, Elie Katz and Mark Schwartz, to cross the aisle and express our support for and endorsement of Governor Christie in this campaign.  We acknowledge that we may not agree on every issue, but New Jersey is a vastly better place today because of the leadership and accomplishments of Governor Christie over the past three and a half years.” Three Democratic councilmen from Teaneck back Christie