Times Wedding Announcement Trends Are Finally Quantifiable

Sunday's Times wedding announcements (screenshot)
Sunday’s Times wedding announcements (screenshot)

It was only a matter of time before someone made The New York Times wedding announcements into a searchable database. The geniuses over at Rap Genius unveiled Wedding Crunchers, a site that measures and graphs the frequency of specific phrases that appear in Times wedding announcements since 1981.

“New York is the status-consciousness capital of our status-conscious culture, and this makes the Times‘s wedding section a perfect natural experiment designed to answer the question, What do the world’s most self-important people think is important?” a post introducing the experiment explains.

Carrie Bradshaw described the section as “the single woman’s sports’ pages,” but the wedding announcements are more than just a way to find out if your ex got married (we have Facebook for that now).

The write-ups also serve as a sociological window into the way we live now (or at least the way the Times writes about people now).

Is the Times writing about more diverse couples? Are less brides profiled in the Times graduates of Miss. Porter’s? Have more Hindu couples been profiled of late? Which Ivy League School is mentioned the most?  What about the least? When did the Times write most frequently about couples who met on dating websites?

Go draw your own conclusions. There’s plenty of fun to be had. <em>Times</em> Wedding Announcement Trends Are Finally Quantifiable