Tina Brown Leaving The Daily Beast

Tina Brown (photo via Twitter)
Tina Brown (photo via Twitter)

Tina Brown will part ways with The Daily Beast when her contract expires in January, BuzzFeed reports. Ms. Brown, who launched The Daily Beast in 2008, is still working out the details of her departure from the website.

Politico reports that Ms. Brown will launch her own company called Tina Brown Live Media that will expand on her Women in the World conferences and where she will be able to control both the business and the editorial side.

“[Tina Brown Live Media] is really a marriage of her commitment to journalism and story-telling; it’s going to be really event-orientated,” a source told Politico.

The fate of The Daily Beast has been a source of media speculation since Newsweek, which merged with the website in 2010, ceased to be a print publication at the beginning of the year. In August, IAC announced that the partnership between The Daily Beast and the digital-only weekly had come to an end after the owner of the The International Business Times acquired Newsweek.

The publication has seen a steady stream of departures over the past year. Newsweek Deputy Editor Justine Rosenthal left in July, and CEO Baba Shetty stepped down in early June, after only nine months on the job. Senior Editor Megan McArdle and Senior Writer Tony Dokoupil also both left in June. And, of course, there were mass layoffs (a source described them at the time as a “bloodbath”) last December after the magazine announced it was going all-digital.

The future of The Daily Beast sans Ms. Brown is still unclear. The site may be sold, closed or continue under a new editor, BuzzFeed writes, but continuing to run the site under a new editor would mean “looking at the business to see if it can be turned around,” according to BuzzFeed’s source. Tina Brown Leaving The Daily Beast