Troubled Teens Can Now Text Their Problems To an Anti-Bullying Hotline

Red pouting face emoji.

You know she's talking shit. (Photo: Hashgram)

You know she’s talking shit. (Photo: Hashgram)

For the most part, teens and cell phones can be a lethal combination. Just think of all those cruel texts circulating around schools this week about what a hoe Ashley was over the summer. In the hopes of making the devices less weapon-like, the Boston Public school system is introducing a texting service on which its 60,000 students can report incidents of bullying.

The program, called TipTxt, launches tomorrow in concert with the district’s first day of classes. Kids, who are sick of being slammed into lockers or called names you’d have to look up on Urban Dictionary, can text their problems to a number where a trained professional responds back offering advice or resources depending on the incident.

Since the texts are kept confidential, a school spokesman told the Boston Herald that the service provides another layer of privacy for nervous students.

“We feel like a lot of students would rather text us information than call us in many situations,” Boston schools spokesman Lee McGuire said. “We also know that some students who struggle to speak English may be more comfortable sending a text than making a phone call.

The only problem now is that there aren’t enough emojis to detail our traumatic high school experience.

Troubled Teens Can Now Text Their Problems To an Anti-Bullying Hotline