Trunk hammered in new television ad running in LD 3

An independent expenditures group is shellacking Senate President Steve Sweeney’s (D-3) GOP challenger in LD 3.

The Fund for Jobs, Growth and Security has an ad up on network television taking a rake to attorney Niki Trunk’s farmland assessed property.

“She a lawyer, politician and a farmer,” says the voice over. “Tax loopholes for her, tax hikes for you.”

Republicans said the ad says more about Sweeney than Trunk.

“This attack shows how hypocritical Steve Sweeney really is,” said GOP spokesman Rick Rosenberg, Jr. “The fact is Niki Trunk is following the law that Steve Sweeney wrote and pays far more in property taxes than the average taxpayer. If Sweeney wants to make this campaign about ethics, he should look in the mirror and reflect on his 50 ethics violations that prompted a judge to appoint a taxpayer funded babysitter to watch over him on the Gloucester County Freeholder Board.”

It’s an issue that helped unravel state Sen. Ellen Karcher’s campaign in 2007.

Trunk hammered in new television ad running in LD 3