UFT PAC Releases First Pro-Thompson TV Ad

A scene from the new ad.

A scene from the new ad.

The teachers’ union’s political action committee, United for the Future, has released its first television ad touting the union’s chosen mayoral candidate: Bill Thompson.

The ad, entitled “Forgotten,” is clearly meant to appeal to black and Latino voters, touting the former comptroller as the only candidate who will stand up for the sea of diverse faces featured in the slickly-produced 30-second spot.

“For the past 20 years, we’ve been forgotten. We’re working hard, but not making it very far,” begins the narrator, as images of the city’s working class flash by.

The ad goes on to tout Mr. Thompson as “the only one tough enough to take on Mike Bloomberg” and “the only one strong enough to end racial profiling.

“After 12 years of a billionaire and eight years of bullying,” it asks, “isn’t it time for a mayor for us?”

The ad is the first from United for the Future, which was launched by the United Federation of Teachers to fund independent expenditures on behalf of Mr. Thompson and other candidates.

According to city campaign finance records, the group paid $340,000 for an English version of the ad, including $330,000 in airtime. and another $121,000 for a Spanish  version, including a $114,000 buy,

A source said the ads are already up and running on cable outlets, including NY1, as well as Spanish language stations.

The PAC has declined to comment on all questions about its activity.

See the full ad here:


UFT PAC Releases First Pro-Thompson TV Ad