Why We Need Shows Like The Newsroom: A Satire (Video)

The Newsroom...is not the best show on TV. (Funny or Die)

The Newsroom…is not the best show on TV. (Funny or Die)

If anyone is still watching The Newsroom after its anti-climatic Operation: Genoa denouement–Seriously? We’re all just going to be let off the hook for Jerry Dantana’s colossal fuss-up? (Just kidding, we don’t know Jerry’s last name enough to care.)–you might also be interested in the fact that the show might be renewed for a third season. Yikers Island.

Here’s Funny or Die’s takedown of Aaron Sorkin’s blow job to himself and the rest of his liberal demographic cronies: “It’s soundtrack is Coldplay. They have a storyline based around the kid from Slumdog Millionaire believing in Bigfoot and it has the worst–period–writing–period–for women–period–ever–period…period.”

Much more believable than anyone still being on air at ACN post-Operation Genoa. (Seriously.)

Why We Need Shows Like <em>The Newsroom</em>: A Satire (Video)