With New Article Feature, Pinterest Learns How to Read

It's not just for pictures of fruit anymore.

Super HOT KitchensPinterest is branching out beyond its usual offerings of fitspo and “keep-calm-and” posters with a brand-new feature that implies that its users might be able to read more than five words at a time.

Users have been using the platform to pin more than five million articles per day, Fast Company reports, so the company has decided to create a designated article pin to make it easier for users to read things later. 

The article pins also will provide more information such as headline, author, description and a link to the original source, Fast Company says. Also recently updated: recipe pins, which “now include information like cook time and a list of ingredients.” One wonders what they included before.

This read-it-later service is similar to those provided by Evernote, Pocket and Instapaper, Fast Company points out. The main difference is that now, Brit + Co. will finally be getting traffic from these types of sites. With New Article Feature, Pinterest Learns How to Read