Woman Claiming to Be Implanted With a Military Chip Streams Her Entire Life Online

"The stalker use this skill from 2006, I have slept for 20 hours everyday since then."

Screen shot 2013-09-13 at 1.14.57 PMThe mysterious stranger, whom the Internet has nicknamed Chip-chan, claims to have a verichip implanted between tendons in her ankle. The special military chip, she says, was put there by a corrupt Korean police officer named “P” who uses it to force her to sleep for up to 20 hours a day.

Chip-chan doesn’t leave the house except to collect supplies or to protest corrupt policemen, and when she does, she wears a disguise. She is small and pale with dark hair gathered around her face and has a habit of donning pajamas at all times of day. Sometimes she sleeps in a file cabinet.

Though we don’t know her real name, we know all of these other bizarre facts about Chip-chan because of the public webcams she has installed in her home that live-stream her life at all times. In a blog unearthed by The Kernel, Chip-chan explains that she keeps the cameras on so that she can know what has happened to her while she is asleep. She claims that “P” has stalked her for 13 years despite the fact that she is not a criminal.

Chip-chan, who is thought to live in Seoul, often appears on webcam with signs bearing bizarre missives:

Don’t get tricked, don’t get fooled. Early every morning. If someone comes that paralyzes the person. I can’t be stopped.

The Kernel reports that thousands of people watch Chip-chan’s livestream, and have attempted to determine whether there is any truth to her claims or if she is suffering from a mental illness. So far, no one has reached a definitive conclusion.

“I do not know what have happened while I sleep,” Chip-chan wrote on her blog. “I have been always afraid of sleeping.” Woman Claiming to Be Implanted With a Military Chip Streams Her Entire Life Online