Young Readers: Hank Finds An Egg, by Rebecca Dudley

PRESS_0041There’s a celebrity-sized chasm between the many who think they ought to be children’s authors and the very few who really should. Rebecca Dudley really should. In Hank Finds an Egg, Ms. Dudley has painstakingly created a magical universe where her main character, an adorable baby bear type guy named Hank, is positioned and still-photographed on an adventure. He stumbles through a forest, where he finds an egg and returns it to the mother bird, having gathered twigs and assembled a ladder. There are no words at all, and there are no words to describe just how sweet and nice this world Dudley has lovingly created appears on the page. But with a starred review in Publishers Weekly and a lot of buzz for a first-time children’s author, this delightful book is destined to become the one that kids who are three today will look at with their own kids 30 years from now.

(Rebecca Dudley, Peter Pauper, March 2013)

Young Readers: <em>Hank Finds An Egg</em>, by Rebecca Dudley