Booker: Lonegan doesn’t represent New Jerseyans

NEWARK – The message was tailored slightly differently for the new audience, but the underlying theme stayed on point.

A short time after speaking with college Democrats about how his opponent would oppose measures in the Senate to protect student grants, Newark Mayor Cory Booker spoke with seniors this afternoon about Steve Lonegan’s fight against the expansion of health care.

Lonegan doesn’t represent regular New Jerseyans, Booker argued, and now it’s time to send someone to Washington with “a mission to shut down the shutdown,” he said.

How do you say Tea Party? Booker asked the crowd in Spanish at a senior living development here.

“The Tea Party has been fighting and losing to stop the expansion of health care,” he said. “Now, just like I used to see on the playground when I was growing up if somebody couldn’t get their way, what would they do? They’d take their basketball and go home. They’d shut down the game.”

Booker asked the crowd of about 100 seniors to send someone to Washington “who is going to work with other people regardless of party.”

The campaign event was another stop along the Booker bus tour that’s traveling the state in the last stretch of the U.S. Senate campaign to finish the term of former Sen. Frank Lautenberg.


Booker: Lonegan doesn’t represent New Jerseyans