Booting Up: #Underboob Is Now Researchable On Instagram

Apple's savior. (Photo: Apple)
Apple’s savior. (Photo: Apple)

Buoyed by strong iPhone sales, Apple reported a $7.5 billion profit on $37.5 billion of revenue in the fourth quarter. [TechCrunch]

Instagram has un-banned racy hashtags #thinspo, #underboob and #dildo. Sadly, #pen1s still appears to be blocked. [The Data Pack]

One Kings Lane is rolling out its own in-house line of bedding and towels. A shower curtain will set you back $69. [Wall Street Journal]

Google Glass owners will be available to swap out their current devices for a newer version, which now fits over prescription lenses. Also, you can invite three friends to the Explorer program. [Ars Technica]

There’s a “Social Media All Stars” event at Disneyland and Grumpy Cat will be there, so avoid the area on Nov. 5. [Laughing Squid]

Booting Up: #Underboob Is Now Researchable On Instagram