Buono campaign submits over $58,000 toward matching funds

TRENTON – The gubernatorial campaign of Democratic Sen. Barbara Buono has submitted $58,811.63 in privately raised contributions in order to obtain public matching funds, the state Election Law Enforcement Commission reported today.

It is her sixth submission for the general election. Additionally, ELEC has approved $125,648 in public matching funds.

Buono, who trails by wide margins in polls against Gov. Chris Christie, has received $1,398,032 so far, and is eligible for $8,200,000 for the general election, ELEC reported.

Under the law, candidates for governor who raise at least $380,000 are eligible for $2 in ublic matching funds for every $1 they raise from private sources. The first $122,000 in private contributions is not eligible for a match.

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