Buono cheers end to ‘bigoted’ appeals

TRENTON – Sen. Barbara Buono, whose youngest daughter is openly gay, cheered the news today that the man she is trying to oust from the governor’s office has dropped the state’s legal challenge to same-sex marriage.

“At long last, our gay brothers and sisters will now be afforded the same rights as all New Jerseyans,” Buono said in a statement.

“Despite Governor Christie’s efforts to block the rights of gays and lesbians at every turn, it took a determined effort by brave individuals and a unanimous decision by the New Jersey Supreme Court to force the Governor to drop his appeal.

“I am thrilled the court ended his ability to enforce his bigoted views that are contrary to the values of our state. 

“I applaud all who have worked tirelessly for this day and promise to continue fighting to ensure that all are treated with respect and dignity. 

“Congratulations to all the loving couples getting married as equality has finally come to New Jersey.”

  Buono cheers end to ‘bigoted’ appeals