Can You Write 140 Characters About a Paper Clip?

The ultimate #prchallenge

At some point in every publicist’s career, the dreaded assignment to write a press release about toilet paper or cottage cheese comes. Perhaps with that in mind, one of the big agencies was rumored to test prospective hires by making them compose a scintillating press release about a paper clip. How would today’s PR luminaries fare on the same audition? We asked them to tweet some sex appeal into what might be the most boring product imaginable.

What’s twisted, stiff and always on the front page of a paper? Nope, not #AnthonyWeiner.

—Lori Rosen, Founder and President, The Rosen Group

Clip It. Clip it good. #paperclip #80sClassic

—Kristal Swim, Director, Public Affairs, Allison & Partners

Get your *&@! together #paperclipit

—Aimee Leonido, Group Senior Vice President, Partnership Development, Marina Maher Communications

The humble paper clip has become a staple in society.

—Steven Hall, Co-founder and President, Hall Company

My biz & memory run on Post-It notes-home/desk/wallet. Jotting down thoughts that will never get lost & they always show up somewhere!

—Susan Magrino, Founder and President, Susan Magrino Agency (“I’d prefer to tweet about Post-It Notes!”)

Men with a fear of commitment choose #paperclips over #staples, says @Staples #cantcommit #justclip

—Nancy J. Friedman, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Nancy J. Friedman Public Relations

Paul Wilmot

—Paul Wilmot, Founder and President, Paul Wilmot Communications Can You Write 140 Characters About a Paper Clip?