Candidates each get to ask their own question

WAYNE – During debates it’s usually the moderator and panelists who ask the candidates the questions.

But Tuesday’s gubernatorial debate allowed each candidate an opportunity to ask their opponent a question. Here’s how it played out:

It’s been months since the U.S. Supreme Court issued a ruling that dealt a blow to the Voting Rights Act and Gov. Chris Christie has yet to give his opinion on the decision.

“Ready to give an opinion,” Sen. Barbara Buono asked.

“I’d rather, instead of giving opinions, rather let my conduct show what my record is,” Christie said. “And my conduct is this, we’re encouraging people to vote.”

And for Christie, whose campaign has hammered Buono in ads for raising taxes 154 times, the question was simple.

“Is there one of them you regret,” Christie asked to laughs from the crowd.

“You came into office and raised the cruelest tax of all,” she shot back, rattling off some of the cuts Christie made during his tenure as governor.

“I will never balance my budget on the backs of the working poor,” she said. “You are the last person to talk about taxes.” Candidates each get to ask their own question