Christie collects food industry endorsement

PORT MONMOUTH – With less than one month until election day, Gov. Chris Christie continued his practice Monday of criss-crossing New Jersey, pocketing endorsements and pledging pro-business practices if re-elected in a campaign polls say is not close.

Today, Christie stopped by the Super Food Town market in this Monmouth County town to collect the support of the N.J. Food Council, an association representing over 200,000 people involved in wholesale, distributing and retail aspects of the food industry.

“The food distribution industry is a lifeline industry,’’ said Phil Scaduto, head of Super Food Town market and board chairman of the N.J. Food Council. “We possess a unique relationship with the public sector.”

That relationship can translate into votes for the incumbent, whose pro-business first-term achievements were outlined today: The Economic Opportunity Act, cutting the 10 percent employer surcharge on workmen’s compensation, and eliminating red tape on the Womens, Infant and Children supplemental nutrition program.

Richard Saker, of Saker ShopRites, and the chair of the Political Action Committee, Food Council Committee for Good Government, stressed that the Food Council does not always issue endorsements, but said that in regards to the workmen’s comp changes, that alone will save employers $300 million.

Christie regaled a throng of hundreds in the market parking lot with the effort New Jersey’s eight Super Food Town markets put forth in the days after Superstorm Sandy thrashed New Jersey nearly one year ago.

The local market opened up via generator and employees used flashlights to escort shoppers around the store. More than 1,500 people were served by that market here after Sandy hit the state, he said.

Christie gave a nod to Monmouth County Republicans Sens. Joe Kyrillos and Jennifer Beck and Assemblywoman Caroline Casagrande for helping Sandy victims.

The endorsement from the food industry came with a promise from Christie that in a second term he will continue the same platform of no tax increases and finding more ways to reduce regulations or red tape on business interests.

  Christie collects food industry endorsement