Doherty: Christie surrendering to same judicial activism he railed against

TRENTON – One of the Legislature’s most conservative thinkers is not on board with the governor’s decision to end the legal battle against gay marriage in New Jersey.

“As a member of the Legislature, I am disappointed that same-sex marriage is apparently now the law of New Jersey despite neither the enactment of legislation nor a vote of the people to amend our state constitution,” said Senator Michael Doherty (R-23), of Washington Township.

Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick issued a statement of support earlier today, but Doherty is having none of that.

“For four years, Governor Christie has repeatedly stated that he supports traditional marriage and that the voters of New Jersey should decide this important issue. 

“By dropping the state’s appeal, Governor Christie has acquiesced to the same judicial activism that he has long railed against. 

“His action will ensure that the people of New Jersey, and its elected representatives in the Legislature, will have no part in deciding this major, societal-changing issue.  By refusing to challenge the court’s decision, he is also blocking the opportunity for third parties to present their case to the court via amicus briefs.”

It is rare for GOP legislators to publicly disagree with the governor in such strong words, but the gay marriage issue is one of the more emotional disagreements in recent history, and there has been a history of disagreement between Christie and the more deeply conservative elements in the party.The decision on Friday by the state Supreme Court not to delay same-sex marriage was unanimous, including some of the traditionally conservative voices on the court. Doherty: Christie surrendering to same judicial activism he railed against