Editor of The Nation Calls Out The Times For Being #Rude

The Nation Vs. New York TimesRichard Kim, TheNation.com’s executive editor, called out The Times for running a story in today’s paper that’s awfully similar to a story that The Nation ran four months ago.

In June, The Nation ran an article by Zoë Carpenter about former Obama campaign staffers protesting the Keystone XL pipeline. Today’s New York Times featured a story by Sarah Wheaton about former Obama campaign staffers protesting the  Keystone XL pipeline. Both stories focus on Elijah Zarlin, a former Obama campaign staffer-turned liberal advocacy organizer.

Mr. Kim clarified that he wasn’t accusing the Times of plagerism. Just of being #rude and not crediting other outlets.

Ms. Wheaton fired back, noting that, although it may seem rude, it isn’t like the Times didn’t report the story. Mr. Kim responded to the tweet:

Ms. Carpenter and Ms. Wheaton exchanged tweets.

And made up.


Editor of <em>The Nation</em> Calls Out The <em>Times</em> For Being #Rude