Edward Snowden’s Funemployment Stint Is Over

Maybe it's at LiveJournal?

Newly employed! (Photo: File)
Newly employed! (Photo: File)

Well, good for Edward Snowden landing a job in this tough economy! After being granted asylum by the Russians in August, the NSA whistleblower has been busy figuring out the path of his new life, and today that includes getting off the couch and entering the workforce.

Reports from the motherland say Mr. Snowden is joining the “support team of one Russia’s largest websites.” Because of “security reasons,” his lawyer Anatoly Kucherena didn’t reveal the name. He starts Nov. 1, so hopefully Olga from accounting makes the cupcakes.

Since BuzzFeed isn’t (yet) opening a new outpost over there, USA Today mentions the Russian version of Facebook, VK, as an option. Over the summer, founder Pavel Durov offered him to join the team, but his public presentation might be a problem since Mr. Snowden likes living in a shroud of secrecy.

Anyway, make sure you update your LinkedIn account, Ed. Edward Snowden’s Funemployment Stint Is Over