ELEC: Super PAC Spending Breakout

“The radio’s playing Super PAC and the friends of Dean Martinez.”

ELEC today broke out spending by the biggest Super PACs at work in this year’s elections.

The New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) is the leader, spending an estimated $11.9 million so far on gubernatorial and legislative elections.

The group has spent an addition $1.4 million through its regular political action committee, and has never before spent more than $2.3 million on an election, according to ELEC research.

Here are the other big special interest group spenders:

Garden State Forward (New Jersey Education Association) $11,925,758 (1) Both Gubernatorial and Legislative

Committee for Our Children’s Future $7,800,000 P Gubernatorial

Fund for Jobs, Growth and Security (also see ballot questions) $7,631,709 Both Legislative

One New Jersey $2,800,000 P Gubernatorial

Republican Governors Association $1,725,000 P Gubernatorial

National Association of Realtors $1,106,144 Both Gubernatorial and Legislative

NJ Workers’ Voices (NJ AFL-CIO- also see ballot questions) $1,027,714 Both Gubernatorial and Legislative

Republican State Leadership Committee $431,166 G Legislative

Americans for Prosperity $400,000 G Legislative

Latino Consumer Group Inc. $365,095 G Gubernatorial

NJ For the People $115,000 G Gubernatorial

Working Families Organization $49,186 G Gubernatorial

NJ League of Conservation Voters for a Clean Environment $39,239 G Legislative

Planned Parenthood Action Fund of NJ $35,545 G Gubernatorial

Working Families Organization $24,465 G Gubernatorial

New Jersey Family First $6,724 G Legislative

Total-Gubernatorial and Legislative

Elections $35,458,280


Coalition to Preserve Jobs and Our Constitution Inc. $955,984 G Ballot Question

Fund for Jobs, Growth and Security $686,006 G Ballot Question

Working Families United for NJ $432,234 G Ballot Question

NJ Workers’ Voices $136,876 G Ballot Question

Working America $98,619 G Ballot Question

NJ Keep It Green $25,276 G Ballot Question

Total-Ballot Questions $2,334,995

Total- Independent Spending $37,793,275 ELEC: Super PAC Spending Breakout