Family Policy Council: Activist court to blame in gay marriage decision

TRENTON – The head of one of the organizations backing traditional marriage expressed disappointment Monday that the Christie administration did not let the judicial process play out on gay marriage.

“Usually Gov. Christie’s up for a good fight,’’ said Len Deo, executive director of the N.J. Family Policy Council. “It looks like he has met his match, the activist N.J. Supreme Court.’’

The governor said Monday the state would withdraw its appeal of the gay marriage case before the state high court, after that court on Friday declined to permit a stay of a lower court decision. That meant that at 12:01 a.m. Monday gay couples started to marry.

Deo said that despite looking at what can be done concerning religious liberty issues that remain unresolved in the gay marriage question, it appears “The Supreme Court took it out of the hands of the people.”

“I think the political realities, and the judicial realities, of what they are really put him in a corner,’’ Deo said of Christie. “It looks like this battle is done.’’

But the losers are the people in the state who uphold constitutional processes, he said. The court prejudged the case in issuing a decision not to allow a stay, and voters were excluded from the process by not having a chance to weigh in on a referendum at some point, which was the option his organization and others had called for. Family Policy Council: Activist court to blame in gay marriage decision