FYI, The Dodo Has $1.2M in Seed Funding to Play Around With

At least that's what the Form D the company just filed indicates.

The Dodo! It’s happening. Former Salon honcho Kerry Lauerman stands at the helm of the soon-to-debut animal-themed site, Popular Science writer Dan Nosowitz has hopped aboard as founding editor, and of course let’s not forget backer Ken Lerer and his daughter, Isabel.

The latest update: The startup has filed a Form D announcing it’s raised $1.2 million in capital. Presumably that money comes from Mr. Lerer, who announced back in the summer he’d be backing the site and offering office space. (We’ve reached out to confirm and will update if we hear anything back.)

So far, the site is just a signup page and video of “the Ozzy Osbourne of rabbits,” a creature whose nose twitches to the tempo of a heavy metal guitar. Also, Mr. Lauerman has been tweeting out lots of stories about animals.

Is it too much to hope for some sort of bros-and-fur-bros joint venture with Thrillist?

(h/t @DanPrimack)

FYI, The Dodo Has $1.2M in Seed Funding to Play Around With