Gill, Vitale reiterate Booker’s depiction of Lonegan as too extreme for N.J.

TRENTON – Picking up on the theme of extremism, Cory Booker supporters on Tuesday hammered home their belief that Steve Lonegan is out of touch with the country and is a symptom of the divisiveness in Washington, D.C.

As the Oct. 16 special election for U.S. Senate approaches with Booker holding a 45-29 percent lead, according to the latest Fairleigh Dickinson University PublicMind Poll, Democratic Sens. Nia Gill and Joseph Vitale took time out today to reiterate the point the Newark mayor stressed in Friday’s debate: That Lonegan’s viewpoints are out of step with New Jersey voters.

“Lonegan is intolerant of people,” Vitale said. “He is not based in thinking of this century, but centuries past.’’

During Friday’s debate, Lonegan said the federal government shutdown was basically the Republicans taking a stand against the Affordable Care Act, and said “runaway spending and massive borrowing’’ must be stopped.

The senators emphasized that Lonegan’s positions on gun control, health care and other social issues show that he is out of touch with the state’s electorate, and they sought to use that stance as proof that Lonegan, if elected, would contribute to the partisan divide.

Gill and Vitale rejected any suggestion that Booker, who has been holding sizeable leads in polls, was coasting.

“I don’t think he’s taken it for granted,’’ Gill said. “Certainly he has been campaigning and has not taken the citizens or the voters for granted.’’ Gill, Vitale reiterate Booker’s depiction of Lonegan as too extreme for N.J.