Groupies for Cory

Have you dreamed of going backstage with your favorite superstar? Hoped to hobnob with the glitterati? Longed to rub shoulders with the A-list?

Then Cory Booker has an offer that’s only kinda like that for you. For $5 you can be entered into a drawing to go backstage on election night to mingle with, well, Cory.

“We need another grassroots fundraising push to make sure we have the resources to beat our extreme right-wing opponent and the extreme right-wing friends helping him — and if you contribute before midnight on Monday, you’ll be automatically entered to join Cory Booker backstage on election night,” campaign manager Addisu Demissie said in a fundraising email sent this morning.

Booker has long been known for his Hollywood ties and it seems he’s hoping to bring the red carpet right here to New Jersey. Groupies for Cory