Gunfire in the Capital: Female Suspect Shot

Tragic news today: As government employees stayed home today, it was a good thing the police were still out in full force in Washington, D.C. as a female suspect engaged in a firefight with officers after trying to ram the gates of the White House.

A flurry of tweets around 2:30 confirmed that those on the Capital heard gunshots, as the suspect, driving a black Infiniti with a child in the back, attempted to break through to the White House, eventually driving off at 80 mph and having a final shoot-out with the police on Constitution Ave. Though there seems to be consensus on the suspect being shot, there are conflicting reports on whether she was killed or taken into custody.
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President Obama was not in the White House, though he’s being briefed on today’s activities.

No word yet on the state of the child in the woman’s car. Gunfire in the Capital: Female Suspect Shot