Hmm, Turns Out Some People Don’t Like Selfies

Can't imagine why.

SELFIE (Photo: Celebuzz)
What’s not to love? (Photo: Celebuzz)

People love to grumble about selfies, but a new round of statistics solidifies it: about 25 percent of adults are over them.

The numbers come from Bing, the Telegraph reports. The search engine surveyed 2,000 adults and frankly, we’re kind of surprised only about 500 of them weren’t into selfies.

It’s hard not to indulge in a selfie once in a while–in the right light, that front-facing iPhone camera is just so darn flattering. But we get it, the selfie is like the overwrought, too-long emotional ballad in Act II of a Broadway musical. Only the person doing it enjoys it, and it mostly makes bystanders uncomfortable.

If we’re going to knock selfies, though, here are a few other types of photos that we believe should be banned, or at least deployed in extreme moderation, on Instagram and Facebook:

  • Photos of your cat. It looks just like all the other cats, and it makes us think of low-grade tuna and soiled kitty litter.
  • Photos of your dog. We know what it looks like thanks to the other 9,000 pics of your dog.
  • Photos of a baby staring blankly ahead. Videos of your baby doing dumb/cute things, however, are welcome. Context is key. Give us a plot line, conflict, someone to root for.
  • Inspirational quotes you found on Tumblr or Pinterest, especially the ones that display a flagrant disregard for spelling and grammar (most of them do). This goes double for #fitspo.
  • Inspirational quotes about pit bull adoption. Did you want a trophy, or…?
  • Photos of the sunrise, sunset or city skyline. You’ve seen one, you’ve seen ’em all.

So that pretty much leaves us with… photos of your brunch. You know what? Just ban Instagram.

Hmm, Turns Out Some People Don’t Like Selfies