In 14th, spirited fundraising battle

TRENTON – The battleground 14th District – pitting an incumbent Democrat senator against the Republican senator who once held the seat – shows a spirited greenbacks battle.

Sen. Linda Greenstein, according to the 29-day pre-election report released today, raised $291,114, spent $237,639 and has $53,475 as of Oct. 7.

That is in comparison to Peter Inverso, who according to the same report has logged $225,837, spent $197,465, and has $28,372 on hand.

However, as close as those figures are, the gap widens when comparing the joint committees.

The Greenstein/Wayne DeAngelo/Dan Benson committee raised $880,464, spent $849,280 and has $31,184.

By comparison, the Inverso/Ronald Haas/Steven Cook triumvirate raised $104,591, spent $71,780, and has $32,811.

The labor unions are a force to be reckoned with in the 14th, which is home to a great deal of state government workers.

The 14th, in fact, is in the top spot among the 10 battleground districts in the state as far as spending is concerned, ELEC reported today.

The candidates in both parties combined have spent $1,832,544.  The 14th is No. 2 in fundraising in the group of 10, at $2,085,791.

ELEC chief Jeff Brindle said the 10 so-called battleground districts have taken up the lion’s share of fundraising contributions among the state’s 40 districts.

Fundraising and spending totals are slightly higher than they were at this point two years ago when both houses also were up for re-election. The 10 districts have accounted for 75 percent of the total statewide spending so far, and 62 percent of the total fundraising.

However, cash-on-hand is lower, indicating that what money is coming in is not sitting idle until the final days before Nov. 5, but is being put to work now.

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