In 38th, sharp rhetoric vs. deeper pockets

TRENTON – In one of the so-called battleground districts, the 38th, the rhetoric says the GOP wants this district in the worst way.

Gov. Chris Christie even said during the summer that he was so tired of Sen. Bob Gordon that “I can’t stand him.’’

Despite that enmity, the money still favors the incumbent, according to the 29-day pre-election report released recently by the Election Law Enforcement Commission.

Gordon received $388,651 to Republican challenger Fernando Alonso’s (pictured) $252,892. According to ELEC, Gordon spent $365,000 and has $23,651 on hand. Alonso spent less, $219,618, but has more on hand, $33,273.

But the $135,000 advantage in donations for Gordon didn’t tell the whole story under this report.

There is a 38th District team committee of Gordon/Tim Eustace/Joseph Lagana, which took in $1,009,267, spent $982,668, and still has $26,599 in the bank.

The Gordon-Alonso tilt has been tense, with each taking shots at the other.

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In 38th, sharp rhetoric vs. deeper pockets