‘iPosture’ Is a Real Condition That’s Ruining Your Back

Go watch TV.

Shoulders back!. (Photo: Apple)
Shoulders back! (Photo: Apple)

More often than not, we’re crouched over, peering into our phones looking for more faves, retweets and shares. Although they help quench our thirst for instant gratification, those slumping shoulders and drooping back aren’t benefiting our health. Doctors in the United Kingdom call the condition “iPosture” and it’s ruining young people’s health.

According to a new survey from Simplyhealth, 84 percent of 18 to 24-year-olds admitted to having back pain because they’re slumped over and staring into their phones way too much. And they’re using it as an excuse to take off work: They skipped out on work 1.5 days more than their older coworkers because they complained of back pain.

Dr. Brian Hammond blamed people’s back pain on all that excessive Snapchatting, Candy Crushing and tweeting:

“It is likely that slumping and hunching over computers and hand-held devices is a contributory factor in the different types of back pain reported by different generations,” said Dr. Hammond. “Younger people are far more likely to be hunched over a device on a sofa, and would benefit from paying close attention to the basics of good posture.”

Shoulders back, everyone. You’re not welcoming people to Castle Frankenstein.

(Via New York Daily News) ‘iPosture’ Is a Real Condition That’s Ruining Your Back