Joe Lhota Releases Scariest Ad Yet

An image from the new ad.
An image from the new ad.

Republic mayoral candidate Joe Lhota’s latest television ad warns New York City will plunge into violence if Bill de Blasio is elected mayor.

In the most negative attack of the election season, the ad features chilling images of crime scenes and corpses lying on the ground, and slams Mr. de Blasio’s allegedly “recklessly dangerous agenda on crime,” warning the Democrat will “take New York backwards.”

The 30-second spot, which began airing on broadcast stations today, according to the campaign, includes video of the recent motorcycle gang attack on a father on the West Side Highway and a barrage of images of an overturned cop car, cops in riot gear, graffiti and a scared woman peering out from behind a subway pole–all set to menacing music.

The ad comes as Mr. Lhota remains nearly 50 points behind in the polls, with less than three weeks to go before Election Day.

Update (10:46 a.m.): Mr. de Blasio’s spokesman responded to the ad, accusing the Lhota campaign of using “fear tactic” to try to divide New Yorkers. “Once again Joe Lhota is taking a page out of the Tea Party Republican play book, using a divisive, misleading attack that has already been proven false,” he said in a statement. “Lhota is right that we can’t go back: we shouldn’t return to the days when Republicans like Giuliani used fear tactics to divide New Yorkers against each other.”

Watch the ad below:
[youtube=] Joe Lhota Releases Scariest Ad Yet